Egypt opens the Smart Transport Exhibition and Conference today

05.11.2023 | По материалам vetogate

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly will inaugurate the Smart Transport and Logistics Exhibition and Conference for the Middle East and Africa today, on behalf of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Today, Sunday, November 5, the activities of the International Exhibition and Conference for Intelligent Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics for the Middle East and Africa 2023 Trans-MEA will begin, which will be held under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, during the period from 5 to 8 November 2023, under the slogan “Localization of the transportation industry.” Transportation in Egypt.

The exhibition is held within the framework of the great interest that the political leadership and the Egyptian government attach to the transportation sector as it is the main artery on which the state’s economic and social development programs are built, and the Ministry of Transport is currently implementing a comprehensive plan to develop and modernize the elements of the transportation system, including means and networks (roads, bridges, railways, Subways and electric traction - sea ports - land and dry ports and logistics areas - river transport) during the period from (2014-2024) with investments of 2 trillion pounds.

During its duration, the exhibition includes many activities, including:

  • Lining up in the external square of the exhibition for electric traction projects (high-speed electric train, light electric train, monorail east and west of the Nile, the third metro line) and vehicles developed for transporting goods by railway “tipper cart - grain cart”, electronic sliders, railway switches, and modern means of environmentally friendly mass transportation. BRT Frequency Bus - Capital Buses - Capital Taxi “Naval Winch Long Live Egypt Fiberglass.
  • A pavilion for the Ministry of Transport that includes 12 entities affiliated with the Ministry to display projects, activities and various services. The pavilion includes a main screen through which the most important new projects and the Ministry of Transport’s nationalization efforts to localize the transportation industry and the most important investment opportunities in all transportation sectors will be reviewed, in addition to the live broadcast of a number of projects (permission to operate The trial period for the third and final phase of the third metro line from the Ring Road station, and permission for the trial operation of the East Nile Monorail from Al-Mushir station, and permission to operate the command and control center for the Beni Suef/Assiut railway line from the Minya Tower, and permission to operate and open a concrete flange production plant for the high-speed electric train project.
  • A number of specialized seminars and workshops were held in the various transportation sectors on all days of the conference
  • Signing memorandums of understanding between bodies and companies affiliated with the Ministry of Transport with major international companies specialized in the field of transportation
  • This year’s exhibition will also witness the allocation of an innovation arena to display youth projects and ideas from various Egyptian universities and technological schools.

This year, 350 companies from nearly 50 countries are participating in the exhibition

Mass transportation was provided to transport exhibition goers from a number of main squares in Cairo throughout the exhibition period (providing linking paths between Abbasiya Square and the Egypt Exhibition Grounds), in addition to linking Al-Mosheer Axis to the exhibition gates with a frequency bus service.

Buses were also provided to transport visitors to the exhibition from outside Cairo on a daily basis, from (Fayoum - Beni Suef - Alexandria - Mahalla - Shebin El-Kom - Ismailia - Suez - Mansoura - Zagazig - Faqous), where the buses move towards Cairo at eight in the morning and return at Five o'clock in the afternoon.

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